Do you want to steal a Tardis ?

Gerade auf Youtube endteckt und für super lustig befunden – was für echte Whovians :-)

Do you want to steal a TARDIS?
Come on, let’s fly away
I never see you anymore
What are the ‘drums of war?’
It’s like you’ve gone insane!
We used to be best buddies
and now we’re not —
I wish you could tell me why…
Do you want to steal a TARDIS?
We could go on an adventure!
(Go away, Doctor.)
Okay, bye…

Do you want to steal a TARDIS?
We’ll go to planets far and wide
It’s so lonely out here without you —
Well, I’ve got companions, true —
But I still want you by my side!
You’re the only other Time Lord
in all of space;
Think what we both could do!
(Master taps)

Master, please won’t you regenerate —
I know you really can.
I don’t know why I can’t get through,
I’ve always known that you
can be a better man.
We’ve always had each other,
just you and me…
What am I gonna do?
Do you wanna steal a TARDIS…?

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